Federated Collaborative Networks

Project description

This project aims at the design and development of an open platform and adequate information technology protocols to support virtual industrial enterprises. The project focuses on Small and Medium size Enterprises (SMEs) in order to provide them with means to inter-operate with several value chain networks.

The architecture of PRODNET II will combine advanced technologies for communication, information management and distributed decision making. A main aspect is the flow of orders between nodes (enterprises) in the network, and the monitoring of their evolution. Through the PRODNET-II system, enterprises can quickly respond to market opportunities as they arise, irrespective of the independent heterogeneous systems used by the customers, and therefore, have a significant advantage over their competitors. The envisaged infrastructure supports a production scenario consisting of a network of nodes, in which each node adds some value on the production chain of a product; namely in an industrial virtual enterprise. This infrastructure handles features such as: follow up of orders status, efficiency of orders flow, distributed and dynamic scheduling, incomplete and imprecise order management, and exchange of order information among SME’s, network-wide workload optimization, and open communication of total product data. The network infrastructure will consider Internet as well as private networks (Value Added Networks – VANs) as the information highways between PRODNET nodes.

In this project, UvA designs and implements the Distributed Information Management Subsystem that will handle the management and exchange of information between different autonomous and heterogeneous nodes in the network of enterprises.

Contact person

Hamideh Afsarmanesh

Project Members

University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands, e-mail: hamideh@science.uva.nl

CSIN, Portugal, e-mail: csin@mail.telepac.pt

UNINOVA, Portugal. http://www.uninova.pt

UFSC, Brazil. http://www.ufsc.br

ProStep, Germany. http://www.prostep.de

ESTEC, Portugal. e-mail: estec@estec.pt

LICHEN, France. e-mail: illicon@calvanet.calvacom.fr

MIRALAGO, Portugal. miral.sport@mail.telepac.pt

FRED JUNG, Brazil. akros@netville.com.br

UNL, Portugal. http://www.fct.unl.pt


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