Federated Collaborative Networks

Mohammad Shafahi will present a paper at 15th IFIP Working Conference on Virtual Enterprises (PRO-VE’14) which is held in in Amsterdam, Netherlands on October 6-8, 2014. Its title is “A Coopetition Space for Complex Product Specification ” and you can find the abstract below.

Due to peculiarities and complexities embedded in complex service-enhanced products, e.g. automated buildings, these products are one-of-a-kind, largely customized, and may involve a large number of competitive / cooperative multi-stakeholders. Life cycle of complex products typically includes a substantially long creation phase, followed by its operation and evolution phases that last over decades. Although, the majority of complex product components (e.g. equipment and services) are specified gradually and by varied stakeholders during its creation stage, further specifications are also provided later on to support its evolution. This paper addresses challenges in both specification of varied and numerous components, and managing these specifications thought-out the complex product life cycle. We address reusability, modularity, and federated sharing requirements in the coopetition space of complex product specification, and within the context of Virtual organizations Breeding Environments (VBEs). Our developed product specification system, which is already alpha tested, addresses these identified requirements, and is described and exemplified.