Federated Collaborative Networks

Soleimani Malekan paper has been presented at the International Symposium on Business Modeling and Software Design (BMSD’13) which is held in Noordwijkerhout, The Netherlands on July 8-10, 2013. Its title is “Analysis and evaluation of business process modelling adoption in collaborative networks” and you can find the abstract below.

Besides, knowledge and information enterprises can share Business Processes (BPs) within Collaborative Networks (CNs). Each enterprise has a set of BPs that it can perform, and through developing integrated BPs in the CN they deploy their capacities and capabilities. Selecting and adopting the appropriate BP modelling languages (BPML) for the purpose of formalizing BPs are challenging, because of the variety of existing methods, tools, and standards with different strengths and weaknesses. In surveys published so far on BP modeling mostly, a set of general features of the main BP languages and standards are compared. However, they have not paid attention to the level of different categories of BPMLs. Furthermore, there are no surveys analysing and evaluating the prerequisites to fulfil CN’s requirements. This paper first proposes a set of categories for the main BP languages and standards. Then a novel BP evaluation approach, in CN context is introduced. Finally, different categories are discussed and analysed by addressing their suitability to support CNs.