Federated Collaborative Networks

Project description

This project aims at the design and development of a knowledge capture and knowledge management system towards the control, optimal operation, and decision support for water distribution networks. Most water supply industries nowadays lack a global “overview” of the status of the production and the distribution system, there is little coordinated control in order to assure a continuous supply of water with a better quality monitoring, minimize the costs of exploitation, meet the quality standards, save energy consumption, optimize all costs, and reduce wastes. Existing systems are heterogeneous and of different levels of automation and reliability.

The WATERNET system developed in this project, assists the distributed control of water management network through the utilization of several distinct subsystems. The subsystems include: machine learning, optimization, simulation, water quality monitoring, federated information management, and the supervision system that is assisted by all other auxiliary subsystems in order to handle the decision making and optimal operation of the network. The information is gathered, processed, and stored in distributed sites, called remote units. The auxiliary units, further process the collected data to provide advice and suggest operation plans to the supervision system. All units are interconnected by a communication intranet network. To support the cooperation among units and their sharing and exchange of information, each unit is being extended with a federated cooperation-layer, supported by the federated information management subsystem.

In this project the research at UvA focuses on the analysis, design, and implementation of the Federated Information Management Subsystem to support on one hand the WATERNET distributed supervision and control, and on the other hand the integration and information exchange requirements among different subsystems with distinct auxiliary functionalities.

Contact person

Hamideh Afsarmanesh

Project members

University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands
– Hamideh Afsarmanesh
– Ammar Benabdelkader

UNINOVA, Portugal
– Luis M. Camarinha Matos
– Fernando Martenelli

ESTEC, Portugal


ADASA, Spain

WBE, The Netherlands

UPC, Spain

SMAS, Portugal

UN, Italy



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Related Technical Reports

  • A. Benabdelkader, H. Afsarmanesh. A Flexible Interoperation Framework for Distributed Multi-Agent Applications. Technical Report CS-98-08 (Waternet Esprit Project 22.186), Department of Computer Science, University of Amsterdam, September 1998.
  • A. Benabdelkader, H. Afsarmanesh. Development of the PEER Federated Layer for Modules Integration in WATERNET.Technical Report CS-98-07 (Waternet Esprit Project 22.186), Department of Computer Science, University of Amsterdam, September 1998.
  • A. Benabdelkader, H. Afsarmanesh. Specification of an Object_Oriented Infrastructure for Data Management in Water Industries.Technical Report CS-98-06 (Waternet Esprit Project 22.186), Department of Computer Science, University of Amsterdam, September 1998.

Related Work (restricted)

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