Federated Collaborative Networks

Project description

An Automatic Debiting System (ADS) for Road Pricing is foreseen in the Netherlands in the near future (“Rekeningrijden”). Prior to the introduction of such a system, an evaluation project was scheduled to show the technical feasibility of this system. Our group heavily contributed to the construction of the ADS models and the realization of the high-level simulation environment with which this evaluation study was performed.

After presenting the evaluation study, Phase one of the introduction of “Rekeningrijden” started up. In February 1999 four consortia were allowed to show the state-of-the-art in Road Pricing systems on a Dutch Highway. The collected results created the unique opportunity to compare the results from the road with those in simulation. These resulted in the selection of two consortia, that were allowed to build a prototype in Phase two.

Currently we are active to create methods and tools to analyze the results of the testing of the prototypes at a fundamental level. This approach creates synergy with the Virtual Laboratory initiative in our group.