Federated Collaborative Networks

Project description

The MegaStore project develops some advanced, internet-based Electronic Commerce (E-Commerce) services for the buyers of different goods, but mainly focused on the E-Commerce for the music and Compact Discs products. The developed system aims at the diffusion and dissemination of both the Internet-based systems and the advanced database systems developed at the University of Amsterdam, within the boundaries of the Dutch HPCN founded projects.

The Internet-based CD shopping system, called the Virtual MegaStore consists of two main components. The first component is the Internet-Shop that can be accessed by all Internet users. The second component constitutes a so-called Shop-in-a-Shop system. The shop-in-a-shop system can be installed in an existing (non-virtual) music store, and it can offer the store keeper the unique and strong ability to immediately and in run-time respond to the requests of customers visiting the music shop, through downloading the raw music data and producing the requested CDs.