Federated Collaborative Networks

Project description

This project aims at the design and development of a 3D graphic object mediator center on the Internet. The 3DOME center provides the users with:

  1. a graphic object broker facility, called the ‘modelshop’, handling a library and a catalog of 3D models accessible through the Internet for both suppliers and customers;
  2. high-performance 3D model render services, offered through a ‘renderfarm’, enabling the execution of demanding render jobs;
  3. additional and complementary services, such as a talent pool, graphic software tools for rent, and some support services for dedicated customers (e.g. new model announcements).

Designers who create geometric models of objects can supply their models to the modelshop, and the 3DOME will provide proper classification and quality check, and includes it in the modelshop to be viewed by potential customers. On the other hand, customers who need models can browse through the model catalog, query on further details of the models, and finally purchase the models through the 3DOME broker. Different kinds of access, at different levels of security, must be supported by both the 3DOME modelshop web interface and the underlying information management system. Features such as a user friendly 3D object browsing, efficient database search mechanisms, supporting the hierarchic definition of models, and on-line sell/buy transaction processing, among others must be properly supported through the internet.

The renderfarm of 3DOME consists of a large number of workstations and multiprocessor computers and offers rendering services to generate animations and realistic images of large scenes. In general, these kinds of render jobs cannot be done by a single workstation in an acceptable amount of time. The renderfarm must support a user friendly web interface to submit render jobs, proper parallelization of render packages, efficient scheduling of jobs, and estimation of rendering time and costs.

In this project, UvA designs and develops the information management system required for all 3DOME broker services

Contact person

Hamideh Afsarmanesh

Project members

  1. University of Amsterdam
  2. RCC, Roccade
  3. Electrogig
  4. TNO-FEL
  5. Token Interaction
  6. Trendsoft