Federated Collaborative Networks

Jafar Tanha’s paper will be published in Elsevier Pattern Recognition Letter Journal. Its title is “Boosting for Multiclass Semi-Supervised Learning ” and you can find the abstract below:

We present an algorithm for multiclass semi-supervised learning, which is learning from a limited amount of labeled data and plenty of unlabeled data.Existing semi-supervised learning algorithms use approaches such as one-versus-all to convert the multiclass problem to several binary classification problems, which is not optimal. We propose a multiclass semi-supervised boosting algorithm that solves multiclass classification problems directly. The algorithm is based on a novel multiclass loss function consisting of the margin cost on labeled data and two regularization terms on labeled and unlabeled data. Experimental results on a number of benchmark and real-world datasets show that the proposed algorithm performs better than the state-of-the-art boosting algorithms for multiclass semi-supervised learning, such as SemiBoost and RegBoos

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